Import Bulk Wine

We started our bulk wine business in 2012. We've imported bulk wine from several countries;  Chile, Australia, France, Italy, Spain and South Africa. With the rapid development of high speed, our company just  started in 2012 but became one of the major market leader in bulk wine industry in Japan. We always select the wine which has unique regional charm and feature. In addition, our parent company, TOKUOKA CO.,LTD, is one of biggest importer in Japan. Since founded in 1874, we have devoted to alcoholic beverage over 140 years.

So we are very professional importer with sufficient experience in wine Industry .


Product Manufacturing (our own brand)

We produce in various sizes and specification ranging from alcoholic liquors and mineral water. For wine, we have built various  kind of specifications like 750ML Glass bottle (Splinter Hill), 1.8L paper pack (Dinner Time),  2L BIB (Splinter Hill), 3L BIB (BONOS), and  the others. For mineral water, we produce  570ml and 2L "KAI NO YASASHII MIZU".


Product Manufacturing (client's private brand )

We not only produce our own brand but also produce client's private brand. Our customers are one of the biggest supermarket chains, convenience store, a trading corporation, etc. Because of the high quality of our own brands, they  trusted in us and developed their private brand with us. We always make every effort to deliver top quality services, and to ensure our customers' satisfaction. We are developing  more and more new relationship with the customers.


Consigned bottling

We take great pride in producing a high quality line of bottling. We are available to produce in various specification like glass bottles, PET bottles, BIB, etc. We are happy to bottle your bulk wine into your own brand in our factory in Japan, instead of bottling them in your country and ship to Japan.

You can gain many advantages by consigning the bottling to us.

Please see "Why Bulk"  to find the detail.


Available specifications

Wine glass bottle : 1500ml,  750ml, 375ml

Wine  PET bottle: 1.8L, 720ml,500ml

BIB: 2L, 3L

Wine paper box: 1.8L

Mineral Water: 2L PET bottle, 570MLPET bottle



We have tanks with temperature control. The capacity is the top level in Japan.