The endless pursuit of perfection.

Let’s go to another height of greatness.

Our company is founded in 2012, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOKUOKA CO.,LTD which is founded in 1874 and now is one of the biggest importer covering all of the world fine wine. We always stand on the position of the customer and boldly develop new products against the existing convention. Wine, Dry materials, Safety, Manufacturing, all things related to the production, we are always endless in the pursuit of the perfection. This is our spiritual pursuit.

Although we are new company, we have already gained much continuous support and trust from our customers. As we get more and more customer's approval, now we also provide our product to many super convenience stores, restaurants which are all very famous in Japan. We will keep pursuing the perfection to all things we do, and bring the best service to you. Let’s start a long and mutually beneficial cooperation with you and achieve another height of greatness.